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Mediation is now recognised as one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways of resolving conflicts in the workplace. Mediation, (sometimes referred to as ADR, or Alternative Dispute Resolution), is used where people in conflict want to find a resolution yet for some reason cannot reach an agreed way forward.

SSC recognise that conflicts disputes and disagreements inevitably occur in the workplace from time to time. The impact of the conflict depends on how it is handled.

Mediation enables the people involved to discuss their differences in an open and safe environment and work towards a mutually acceptable resolution. The process is facilitated by a skilled professional and impartial mediator whose role is to steer people towards reaching a resolution.

Workplace mediation has a number of benefits

• Prevents conflict from escalating;

• Empowers employees by giving them control and responsibility to resolve their conflict;

• Reduces the stress anxiety and negative impacts associated with conflict in the workplace

• Creates a safe environment for the people involved to have their say and be listened to;

• Helps create a more comfortable and productive working environment;

• Can help significantly reduce the cost of conflict and the risk of litigation.

SSC can support your organisation by providing

• Skilled experienced and independent workplace mediation to help resolve workplace conflict;

• Mediation training;

• Support in setting up your organisations in house mediation service;

• Co-mediation for newly qualified mediators;

• Practice feedback and post case debriefing.


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