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Employment Relations

SSC offer professional practical and timely advice on all aspects of employment relations. We ensure policies procedures and processes are legally compliant and managers are well trained so that disputes and employment tribunals are avoided. We also provide a range of mediation services to help resolve matters swiftly and at an early stage.

We offer a range of specialist support including:

Employee handbooks policies and procedures

We design and develop employee handbooks and policies and procedures tailored to your organisations needs, which are easy to read, easy to follow and compliant with current employment legislation and best practice.

Performance management

We have extensive experience of designing performance management systems to support organisations, so that the performance of employees can be properly assessed, to ensure employees are encouraged to develop and increase their performance.

Absence management

Effective absence management is sometimes complex, difficult and time consuming. We offer advice and practical support in reviewing and improving the management of sickness absence, ensuring that absence is managed fairly and consistently whilst achieving significant reductions in sickness absence.

Managing disciplinaries, grievances and complaints

We provide experienced independent investigators who are able to conduct fair impartial and robust investigations into grievances, disciplinary matters,allegations of bullying and harassment and complaints from clients.

Independent hearing officers

We also provide an independent chairperson to undertake the role of hearing officer for grievance disciplinary or complaints hearings and hearing appeals. This  can be useful especially in small organisations where it may not be possible to appoint a hearing officer who is independent of a disciplinary, grievance or complaints process. This service supports organisations in complying with the ACAS Code of Practice in ensuring fairness and transparency in decision making.

Change management

We offer practical expertise to ensure organisational change is managed effectively and smoothly and is legally compliant. This includes supporting organisational change at a strategic level, managing the statutory consultation, employee engagement in the change process and redundancy handling.

Compromise agreements

We have the requisite legal requirements to appropriately advise clients and sign compromise agreements.

Employment Law

Manage legal issues confidently and fairly with our support.

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